Fame Part 2: The People in Pictures

Enjoy some of the faces of FAME with a few words below. A quick shoutout to Paul Griffin who somehow I missed catching a pic with, but who was one of the nicest guys I have ever met, and Wendy Mass who I had a lovely time chatting with but somehow also missed in the pics! Marianne Berkes and Diane Z. Shore were also really great¬†to meet (unpictured), yet somehow I missed entirely meeting Jude Watson. Anyway, welcome back to Newhouse On… and enjoy!

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Fame! Part One: The Beginning…

Not to mislead you I’m not yet famous outside of my local media world, however here is my first step down that road. Today’s blog title is actually referring to the FAME (Florida Association for Media in Education) Conference 2014 that took place last week in Orlando!

I was inspired to Connect the Dots by Tiffany Whitehead (@librarian_tiff) who was introduced to me by future movers and shakers Diana Rendina (@dianalrendina) and Okle Miller (@OkleMiller) in building a stronger PLN! To that end, active tweeting for the first time since FETC and in a more prolonged fashion,  joining my first TweetChat tomorrow, and this blog!

The plan is to update the blog on at least a weekly basis focusing sometimes on Great Reads, other times on Cool (Free!) Tech Tools, and other related professional topics. There may be interviews with the aforementioned rockstar librarians, authors and others. Good times will hopefully be had by all as well as information, our profession’s lifeblood.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Mr. Schu (@mrschureads(, another name I put with a face at FAME, and who I desperately wanted to homage with Mr. New Reads… then thought it might be a little creepy who shared lots of awesome websites for teaching and learning including one of my new favorites Kahoot, and slipped me a free book for my Kahoot gameplay!

This was in fact my 10th FAME! And in many ways it may have been the greatest! Part Two will focus on the authors and faces of FAME and will have more pictures! Until then…