FETC Tuesday Thoughts

Drove in this morning from Tampa and had the pleasure of being presider with Kati Searcy at her workshop! As Kati’s assistant (gopher) I was given the privilege of being a part of her workshop!

Today can best be seen in my twitter feed from the session. Some highlights include taking another look at Kahoot, working as a group to compose a poetic performance about the butterfly life cycle, creating a magazine cover with my mustached son using bighugelabs.com, creating a fake chat between Dr. Seuss and William Shakespeare using ifakechat.com, creating a mock newspaper clipping with Fodey.com, and viewing a very touching and poignantly timed Animoto!


imageIt was a great conference start and I would recommend volunteering to anyone! With three full days left, it’s only the start!

Follow the #fetc hashtag and keep an eye on the latest and greatest tips aimagend technologies out of Orlando! Have a great night!


FETC, Creatures and Boston, Oh My!

Good evening to all!

This is the first day in 20 that my brain is allowing me to somewhat coherently put together words, hence the delay in this blog and the brevity of it! Darn this funky flu vaccine evading flu bug! Thank goodness I am finally over it!

First off, Happy New Year to all! I spent mine in style in beautiful Boston where I walked about 40 miles and rode the magical T around for a week! On the actual evening, I was 750 feet in the air watching the fireworks with my family from the top of the Prudential Center! As a Boston University graduate it was a pleasure to return to one of my favorite cities.


As I mentioned to author Skylar Dorset, subject of my last blog entry, when I rode the red line T, there was a moment between stations where the T paused, the lights flickered and it got unnaturally quiet, making it clear where she got her marvelous use of the T in the Girl Who Never Was Duology! I did not see any goblins however, though that means nothing! (Review is coming of the two book epic after FETC, really!)


Then I returned to a flu funk! You know this librarian feels ill when he can’t read his usual intake of children’s and young adult literature! And you know I am back when today I was able to polish off Robert Paul Weston’s Creature Department in a day! Let me just say I loved this book! It’s a healthy mix of Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, Monsters Inc. and some other books blended together into a fun fantasy and may be one of those rare sequels I read right away! I just wish the author was in the continental United States so he could be an SSYRA candidate! Great book for grades 3 to 7!


Now FETC is this week, and I have recovered just in time! In keeping with a pattern propogated by some of my wonderful colleagues including Sundi Pierce and Diana Rendina, here are some of the workshops I plan to make priority stops at this amazing conference in Orlando, Florida:


8am-3pm – Authentic Assessment Using Free Digital Tools (WTF008)- Kati Searcy    I’ll be volunteering and this otherwise paid workshop sounds very interesting!


11-12:45pm: TechShare Live!   This is just an awesome gathering of Tech gurus!

3:30-5pm: Opening Keynote – Jane McGonigal These are always inspiring, and judging by her website this will be entertaining and informative!


6-7pm: FETC Tweet Up! Communicating with the greats!


8:3-9:45am: General Session Keynote: Twelve Years from Now, Jenny Lawton, CEO Makerbot

10-11am: Journey to a Makerspace, Abbe Waldron  Recommended by my friend and colleague Diana Rendina

12-12:40pm: Telling the Story: Lessons Learned from the Outside World, Kathy Schrock    Kathy Schrock always will rock!

3:20-4pm: Transform Your School: Practical Tips for Starting a Makerspace, Diana Rendina    Hillsborough’s own mover and shaker!

4:20-5pm: Digital Group Smackdown: Audience Participation Encouraged, Leslie Fisher     Leslie always leaves me invigorated and excited about new frontiers!


1-1:40pm: Three Ways Google Tools Can Save Teachers Time, Rushton Hurley   This is another of my must-see Tech Gurus!

2-2:40pm: Tools You Can Use Tomorrow, Leslie Fisher   Leslie never disappoints!

3:15pm-4:15pm: Closing Keynote Session, Bob Wise

I will try to blog while at the conference, but if not expect a wrapup and review chock-full of great resources and ideas from FETC sometime in the next 2 weeks! And expect a new author 5-1-1 in February!