FETC Tuesday Thoughts

Drove in this morning from Tampa and had the pleasure of being presider with Kati Searcy at her workshop! As Kati’s assistant (gopher) I was given the privilege of being a part of her workshop!

Today can best be seen in my twitter feed from the session. Some highlights include taking another look at Kahoot, working as a group to compose a poetic performance about the butterfly life cycle, creating a magazine cover with my mustached son using bighugelabs.com, creating a fake chat between Dr. Seuss and William Shakespeare using ifakechat.com, creating a mock newspaper clipping with Fodey.com, and viewing a very touching and poignantly timed Animoto!


imageIt was a great conference start and I would recommend volunteering to anyone! With three full days left, it’s only the start!

Follow the #fetc hashtag and keep an eye on the latest and greatest tips aimagend technologies out of Orlando! Have a great night!


2 thoughts on “FETC Tuesday Thoughts”

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